Take Your Partner on a “Holiday” for the Holidays

Weekend Escape Artist

Spent hours shopping online? Unnecessarily trolled social media pages looking for ideas? Killed a Sunday afternoon walking around the mall for that last-minute gift instead of watching the game? Figuring out what to get your significant for the holidays can be quite a tall task.

This year I propose something that you certainly won’t find in any store or Black Friday brochure…a surprise getaway!

I know that my wife is always running around taking care of everything, including her career, our twin boys and our home. Providing her with an opportunity to take a break is certainly better than any gift I have brought back after a business trip. The numbers back up this idea.

In a Travel MANager survey we conducted early this year, four out of five women said they would rather receive a surprise getaway then a piece jewelry. Combined with the fact that 90 percent of respondents said they would be impressed if their main squeeze did any travel planning, the answer is obvious on what to get.

So what Weekend Escape Artist advice do I have to make sure you are a travel hero vs. a zero?

Recreate the past

Surely you and your significant other took a trip together you still talk about Why not go ahead and recreate the trip?  For my last anniversary, my wife and I went back to the hotel that we celebrated our first anniversary at after we moved to a new city.  Even though the hotel was just around the corner; I had set up the dinner reservations, flowers in the room and breakfast delivery.  It was a wonderful time and simplicity was the key.

Be thoughtful 

The Travel MANager survey also revealed 91 percent of women say a thoughtful gesture on a trip is more important than perfect execution. When planning the trip, make sure to incorporate a couple itinerary ideas or in-room surprises that show your significant other know you were thinking about them. Whether that means getting tickets to a concert or having a favorite drink in the room, chilled and ready for a celebratory toast (reminder, Homewood and Home2 Suites by Hilton each have full sized fridges and a complimentary grocery shopping service), go the extra mile.

Make a list and check it twice

While being thoughtful is important, don’t just wing it either. Make a quick list of all the things you need to plan when traveling – flights, activities and restaurant reservations – and all the things you should take care of prior – a babysitter and ideas on what to pack.

Make it stress free

Part of what makes travel such a great gift is the fact that it gives couples the chance to get away from everyday life. Make sure that the trip you are planning is not so complex that it ends up being a hassle. Only take direct flights or an easy card ride, and consider inclement weather can cause delays.

Plan ahead 

Start planning now for that quick getaway or extended trip. If you book early enough in advance you can enjoy additional savings.

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