Reach Higher (and Travel Farther) to Keep your 2017 Resolution

Reach Higher (and Travel Farther) to Keep your 2017 Resolution

As we enter a new year, we all make resolutions to improve ourselves and our relationships with family and friends. Whether you have been successful in honoring these pledges so far, I have an unconventional suggestion that can help keep you (or get you back) on the right path: travel!

Now to be clear, I am not talking about traveling more frequently (though certainly a worthy pursuit). Rather, I mean using travel as a fun and enticing way to help create greater rewards and incentives for achieving your resolutions. How? Below are some ways you can incorporate travel in common resolutions for a truly outstanding 2017.

Fitness forward

Getting healthy is the most popular resolution. However, rather than simply declaring how many pounds you want to shed, why not embrace the challenge and give yourself a goal that will require year-round maintenance? For instance, don’t just plan to run three days a week; instead, train to run the New York City Marathon in November (or another city you have always wanted to visit).

Making memories

From rekindling the romance with your partner to building a deeper bond with your kids, some of the best memories come from escaping the routine of everyday life. Go beyond just creating a regular date night and instead travel to a destination you have both always wanted to visit. In lieu of just taking up a new hobby with your children at home on the weekends, take it a step further and plan a trip around the shared interest.

Sharpening your skills

Whether playing a new sport or vowing to improve at another, practice makes perfect. But after a while, that can become repetitive. In addition to enlisting friends to play the sport, why not plan a trip to celebrate your commitment? For example, tackling a tough PGA Tour course means bringing your A-game, and as you shave strokes off your handicap, you can also gear up for a golf getaway with friends.

Helping men become Travel MANagers over the past six months, we have shared insights on how to plan a trip. Now it’s time to turn that advice into action.

Just one last tip to remember: Your resolution-based trip should be all about the activity. Look for a hotel that offers value and comfort, such as Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites by Hilton, so that way whether having a carb-loaded breakfast the morning before the big race or having a place where all the guys can hang and recount the shots of the round, making resolutions a reality takes centerstage. Good luck!

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