Quiz: Planning your dad time

Don’t know where to go on a trip with your kids? Answer the following questions and receive insight on the types of destinations and trip themes that will make your kids think you are “dad of the year.” And we made it easy for you to start with your hotel booking, highlighting the perfect Homewood Suites or Home2 Suites properties for your trip.


If you had to describe what would make your kids think you are the best dad in the world, which is most applicable?


What best describes the next family vacation you have talked about taking?


What type of vacation is mom most likely going to endorse?


What is the best way to make sure that your kids remain on their best behavior?


What is most important to you as a dad when choosing a family vacation destination?

Please answer all of the questions.

What is the perfect dad time trip theme?

City slicker

Traveling to a major metropolis is best for you and your kids. Whether trying new foods, visiting museums or going to a major sporting event, you want to head where the action is.

Here are some destination ideas for your next trip!


Places with historic significance are where you should head for your next family trip. Showing your kids national monuments, getting the chance to see the things they learn about in school come to life and feeling like discovery never ends is what will make for your best trip.

Here are some destination ideas for your next trip!


Sometimes the best time bonding with dad is when you can talk and enjoy life slowing down a little bit. You want to embark on adventure that isn’t just about getting on a plane, but hitting the road and exploring the backstreets of America.

Here are some destination ideas for your next trip!


For you and your kids, it’s all about getting away from home to explore. This means various outdoor activities and adventure, as all you care about is time bonding together and being active.

Here are some destination ideas for your next trip!