Giving the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Giving the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Telling you that holiday travel – whether to see family or for vacation – is stressful might seem obvious. For instance, last year a survey that Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites by Hilton conducted revealed that one-third of travelers admitted to yelling at strangers during a trip. As a Travel MANager, your goal should be to never put yourself in that position. However, without the right planning, you are one step closer to blowing a fuse.

Rather than focusing on some of the more obvious tension-taming tips (flying on the actual holiday or shipping gifts in advance), I wanted to, instead, share three of my personal tips to help make this holiday travel season as merry as possible.

Avoid road rage

While most experts advise to focus on booking the right airfare, thinking about how you will get to your destination once you arrive is just as important (or even more so if you are choosing driving over flying all together). Last year, travel app Waze reported that the two days before and after the Christmas holiday were going to be the busiest on the roads. When planning your trip, take this into account since the difference between cranky passengers and a copacetic crew can set the tone for or leave a lasting impression of the trip.

Wash Your Hands Bro

Now this might seem like a bit of mothering, but hear me out. When we travel, changing climates and passing through very public places weakens our immune systems and exposes all of us to a lot of germs. During the holidays we are also giving extra hugs and kisses to thank each other for gifts, making it is very easy to succumb to sickness. Whether soap and water or hand sanitizer, take the time and keep it clean since sick loved ones usually equal stressed loves ones. And trust me, clean hands have a bigger impact than you think.

Sleep On It

Longer travel times and family commitments can mean that you and your family might end up being short on sleep. I know with my twin boys, a missed nap used to spell disaster. This reason alone (along with the fact that in the aforementioned survey, 61 percent said staying in a hotel vs. with family would be more relaxing) is why you should consider staying at an all-suite hotel like Homewood Suites or Home2 Suites by Hilton. Separate living and sleeping areas can ensure a quiet environment to maintain kids’ normal sleep schedules.

Do you have other personal holiday travel tips that have helped make you a Travel MANager? Please share the love and post in the comments section. Leave no travel-planning man behind!

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